Our Favorite Swimming Pool Floats for Adults, Kids and Dogs

When the weather is hot, there’s nothing like basking in the sun on your pool float. Whether it’s for getting a tan, something for your kids to play with, or a way to keep your dog entertained, there’s a pool float for everybody. Pool floats are even becoming a status symbol!
Here’s some of our Favorite pool floats for adults, kids and pets!

For Adults:

This Swimline Blossom Double Comfort lounge is a great way to soak in the sun, with plenty of room for two people! It’s very stable, so you can stay dry if you want, and roll into the swimming pool whenever you’d like!If you want a little bit of shade, the Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge is comfortable, provides a sun shade to block the glaring summer sun, and has cup holders to keep your beverages nearby! Interested in just a small little float so you can stay partially in the water? The OUTERDO Water Hammock is compact, easy to store, and your body stays cool because the hammock soaks in the water while keeping your head and knees afloat.

For Kids

Floats can add a LOT of fun for your kids when they’re playing in your pool. Depending on their age, there are lots of options.For young children, often the best options are inexpensive floats that are essentially ‘floating toys’. You can get float toys that are shaped like dinosaurs, unicorns, or even an inflatable airplane. These toys can make pool time lots of fun for your kids and their friends. For older kids and for activities for kids and adults, there are some great floating games. For families that enjoy active options, there are great choices. One of our favorites is the Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy. For anybody that enjoys basketball, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can play on your own and work on your basketball shooting, play shootball with any number of players, or get two hoops and play a full-on game of water basketball!

Pool Floats for your dog

Finally, you don’t want to leave your dog out of the fun! When your dog sees your float toys, he’s going to want to jump all over your pool float! The benefit of buying one specific for dogs, is that they are much more sturdy. For example, the SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float is built with a paw-and-claw-friendly fabric covering for puncture resistance. It comes in two sizes – depending on the size of your dog. Another popular option is the KOOLTAIL Paw Dog Pool Float Large Inflatable Raft. Reviewers give this product great reviews, and dogs seem to have a great time!Some dogs don’t want to sit still while they’re around the pool. For these dogs, you’re probably better off getting a pool toy that you can use from your own pool float. Dogs love to chase sticks, so a great toy for the pool is the ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy. You can relax on your own pool float and throw the fetch toy for your dog., while your dog chases the Fetch toy all around the pool! The ChuckIt toy is durable. It’s constructed using nylon, rubber, and memory foam to make a long-lasting dog toy that is soft on your dog’s mouth for comfortable carrying.Pool floats are an essential part of pool life – for adults, for kids, and even adults! Pick up a new toy and have more fun swimming!

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