Swimming Pool Maintenance Made Easy

At Pool Calculator, we believe in community involvement through the creation of chemically sound swimming environments. Pool Calculator provides the necessary tools and pool maintenance info you need to keep your swimming pool & hot tub water clear and balanced. With a strong sense of community at the forefront of our business, our goal is to help answer your pool chemical & maintenance questions.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Made Easy

Pool Calculator provides the tools and maintenance information you need to keep your swimming pool and hot tub chemicals balanced and your pool water crystal clear

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

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How to Test your Swimming Pool Water

Regardless of where you live or what kind of pool you own, you’re going to have to test your pool water chemistry. Testing your pool helps keep the water safe from viruses, bacteria, and algae and ensures chemical levels are safe and comfortable for swimmers.

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Swimming Pool Volume Calculator

To keep your swimming pool or hot tub at its best, it’s important that you accurately calculate your water volume. All of the chemical balancing recommendations you receive from the Pool Calculator are based on it. The Pool Volume Calculator that is built into the Pool Calculator is designed to help you calculate the volume of rectangular, oval, and circular pools quickly. You can get the volume in metric units (liters) or in imperial units (gallons).

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How to Clear Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

There are few things that can stop a pool party altogether—one of these things is cloudy swimming pool water. Cloudy water can be potentially dangerous, so never swim if your water looks less than clear. Testing your pool chemistry can determine whether this issue is caused by a chemical imbalance…

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Introduction to Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Chemistry

Interested in learning more about what it takes to keep your pool or hot tub in great shape? This article describes the chemistry involved in keeping your pool or hot tub safe and your water crystal clear. It will help you better understand what the tests you are taking mean, and what happens when your pool chemistry is no longer in the recommended ranges.

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Saltwater vs. Chlorine Swimming Pool Sanitation Pros and Cons

Your pool is the perfect place for family fun in the sun—if it’s kept safe and clean. It’s important to pick a method of sanitation for your pool that works for your lifestyle. There are two major types of pool sanitation: saltwater and chlorine. This article describes the benefits and challenges with both.

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Swimming Pool Algae: What it is and How to Remove It

Pool algae is an unfortunate yet common consequence that many pool owners face. Once this microscopic plant finds its way from the environment to your pool – maybe on an inconspicuous piece of clothing or a once lakeside inflatable – this plant will multiply rapidly and manifest itself in several different ways in your pool.

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How to Keep Bees and Wasps Away from Your Swimming Pool

We’ve all had the experience of pure terror as a bee or wasp flies around you. Bees and wasps come out in full force during the summer time. But how do you combat this problem near your swimming pool? Today on Pool Calculator we are going to be diving into the pest problem that exists around swimming pools.

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Inflatable Hot Tubs – Are They Right for You?

Inflatable hot tubs are growing in popularity and can be a great alternative to solid side hot tubs. If you are a renter with a patio or yard space for a hot tub, want the flexibility to move your hot tub or only use it seasonally, then an inflatable hot tub could be perfect for you.

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