Product Reviews

Keeping up with all the new offerings for your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub can be overwhelming!  We’ve put together information that will help you make better buying decisions.  Take a look at our articles below!

Inflatable Hot Tubs – Are They Right for You?

Inflatable hot tubs are growing in popularity and can be a great alternative to solid side hot tubs. If you are a renter with a patio or yard space for a hot tub, want the flexibility to move your hot tub or only use it seasonally, then an inflatable hot tub could be perfect for you.

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UV Pool Sanitation Systems – Pool Technology

One of the latest and greatest innovations in pool technology is the use of UV rays for pool sanitation and treatment. This UV system is a supplemental pool tool that can greatly increase the cleanliness of your pool as long as it is used in an efficient way.

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