Inflatable Hot Tubs – Are They Right for You?

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Inflatable hot tubs are growing in popularity and can be a great alternative to solid side hot tubs. If you are a renter with a patio or yard space for a hot tub, want the flexibility to move your hot tub or only use it seasonally, then an inflatable hot tub could be perfect for you. They are affordable, easy and quick to setup, portable, low maintenance, durable and cost a lot less than permanent hot tubs. On top of all that they are comfortable!
Yes you have to make some tradeoffs with inflatable hot tubs, but there are also many advantages.

Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tubs

Cost. Inflatable hot tubs typically cost from $300 to a high of about $1,000. Compare that with a hard side hot tub that can cost from around $3,000 up to $8,000 or more. An in ground spa can cost up to $20,000. You can get a good quality inflatable hot tub for about $500, making it very affordable.

Easy to Install. Inflatable hot tubs usually hook up to 110 volt power, meaning you can usually plug it into a normal outlet.. Hard side hot tubs require 220 volt at the installation location. This usually requires an electrician to run 220 volt power to the location.

Flexible location. Inflatable hot tubs only need to be set up on a hard, smooth pad like an empty concrete patio or yard area. The patio or ground needs to be clear of debris so it does not get cut or poked. Hard side hot tubs weigh substantially more than inflatable hot tubs and need a special pad that can withstand the weight of the filled hot tub – usually consisting of a sand base with concrete blocks on top so it will not settle unevenly over time. Even though they are lighter, the weight of an inflatable hot tub does need to be considered when choosing the location for it. As an example an Intex PureSpa 4-person inflatable hot tub with a 210 gallon capacity has a filled weight of 1800 lbs.

You can bring them with you! One of the great things about inflatable hot tubs is that they are portable. If you are driving to visit friends or family for an extended period, you can actually bring your inflatable hot tub with you, assuming you have a large enough vehicle.

Easy seasonal use. Inflatable hot tubs can be run in outside temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). Depending where you live, this may mean your inflatable hot tub must be put away for the winter. This is an easy process of emptying the water from the hot tub, letting the hot tub completely dry before folding it up and storing it in a dry, covered location. The typical carry weight of a packaged inflatable hot tub is only 65-100 pounds, making it an easy two person job to put away for the season or move to another location. Most inflatable hot tubs have carry handles built into them to make them easier to carry.

Selecting the Right Inflatable Hot Tub

Still think an inflatable hot tub might be right for you? Next you need to consider the features of the hot tubs and what is important to you.

What Size Hot Tub do you Want? Size is an important consideration. How many adults and kids will be using the inflatable hot tub regularly will determine the size hot tub to buy. Inflatable hot tubs are available from 2-person up to 8-person capacity. Think carefully about the seating capacity and consider sizing up for more leg room and soaking comfort. Leg touching will definitely happen with more people!

What Shape do you want? The most common inflatable hot tub shape is round but there are some square ones available from manufacturers like M-spa Inflatable Hot Tub and Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub.

Do you want seats? Inflatable hot tubs generally do not have built-in seats. They are not as deep as solid side hot tubs and are designed for users to sit on the bottom of the hot tub. The experience is like being in a regular bathtub or soaker bathtub. If you find you want a seat there are blow up seats and rigid seats available. The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub does have an air cushioned floor in some of their hot tub versions. The side walls of inflatable hot tubs are rigid, strong and sturdy allowing you to sit on them while climbing in and out and lean against them when in the hot tub without the side wall moving.

Do you have hard water? Some inflatable hot tubs come with hard water treatment. If you have hard water you may want to consider one with this feature. It will extend the life of your pump and heater. Which Inflatable Hot Tub Should You buy?As manufacturers are making more and more inflatable hot tubs, there are many good brands. Some of the best selling inflatable hot tub brands include Intex Inflatable Hot Tub,Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub and Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub. There are many other brands on the market that have similar features. Shop around to find the best price and the right features for your use!

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